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Channel9 v4 Previews

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    I like the new style/color theme/header. But I'm not sure about such a 'thin' website. I have a 20" widescreen monitor, and the design looks anorexic. Tongue Out

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    I wonder if you are going to change the top picture (the street) depending on the season: winter, summer, spring, autumn,... That would be cool!

    Edit: something that would be even cooler: include also the local time. Use a javascript that loads the picture depening on the user's time: it shows the street in the morning, during day, evening, night + the seasons... Wow! That would be awesome!

    I would LIKE that A LOT! Looks like there is always something going on on Channel 9 and customizes the page on the readers settings.


    Edit 2: Sure this could be even extended to have different pictures that are timed and seasoned, but that would be a lot work.

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    Great looking design, any (non binding of course) ETA on when it may be going live?

    Thanks for the ignore feature as well! How does it deal with quoted replies to an ignored user/post?

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Looks good Big Smile
    But whats up with the width of the site on the frontpage? It feels.. naked.
    Make width 100%. Will allow alot more content! Big Smile

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    Looking really cool, I think the FlatThreaded thing looks like it'll really work well too.

    Not so sure about the big avatars though, I've kinda got used to the small avatars view and it gives you a lot more room horizontally. Will this still be an option?

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    cool work guys. the Flat Vs Threaded was real good. but the Homepage reminded me of the ver1.0 or was it Ver2.0 which after the current homepage looks old but multiple formats of video if possible will be real good Smiley 

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    Sven Groot

    I love the new forums look. One feature request for the ignore, maybe you could have an option that it doesn't just hide posts by that user, but also posts that are direct replies to ignored posts (so you don't have to deal with posts that're just feeding the trolls either).

    And I will assume that clicking "view" on an ignored post will use Ajax to load the ignored post text, not refresh the page. Smiley

    While I love the forums, I'm not so sure about the homepage, and especially the header. It's too busy.

    But overall, good work. Cool

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    All I can say at the moment is "Wow!"  Nice screenshots. I love it.  Everything about it is nice and clean.  Like the little touch there with the black down arrow and the area its currently in in the menus.

    The slideshow of the new changes,  cool idea.  Never thought that you would release screenshots in that way. Figured it would be simple screenshot(s) in a new thread or something.  Niice work.

    With the "Threaded vs Flat" view, Nice.  I'm a flat guy, but this is definately doable/workable.

    The replying to thread/post/person.  I definately like.  I sometimes wonder about pressing the "reply" button now the way it is, and I've come to think that its just a normal reply to "thread", but I still go to the top of the page and post if its to the thread in general, or click reply on the post i'm replying to.  Weird, yes.  I'm assuming correctly that there is no real relation to posts/replies other than the thread they belong to right?  This new layout is most excellent.

    New Thread/Post/reply.  I love it.  It still stays on the page and brings focus to the reply/post are about to type into.  Hopefully though it comes up quicker than the current system in place.  I mean with it loading up all the editor buttons/faces etc.  How about adding a setting/preference some where to shut off all that "fancy" stuff and just have a real simple post/reply  popup?

    As for the Currently online C9'ers.. Hrmphff..  No more scrolling box? Sad  I thought that was a neat feature. Maybe keep it the way it is in the new system, but allow a preference for scrolling or paging.   That would be cool.

    The media player.  Niice.  I don't use the online player thuogh as its more "low" quality than I like.  I usually just set a download going on my linux box for the HQ WMV download available using "wget" and after a bit of downloading happens, set WMP to play the file while its still downloading.  So maybe allow a feature/preference to shut off the player functionality, but still keep the snapshot image in place and the DL links.  Also have maybe the ability to "choose" which DL links are seen.  Like for me, all I'd use is the WMP (high) link.  I'm sure though, if someone were to give/donate me one of those new shmancy fancy "to die for" Zunes, I'd have that too! hehe.

    Lets see, "750px" layout. I assume is scalable to the user's actual screen size?  How is this working?

    New Tagging system/page.. Don't change a thing! I like the new stuff, especially the "blogs" based on WPF stuff.

    The new homepage.. ahh.. what else is there to say.. again, there, don't change a thing.

    All in all, if none of the ideas/suggestions i've mentioned above arn't added/changed, so what.  Its still a GREAT most excellent new C9!  C9 Team, you've pretty much outdone yourself and then some.  I bet there have been many many late nights working on this eh?  So dedicated to your work. Keep it up. 

    Ok now, get back to work and get the new site "shipped!" Hehe.

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    I'm impressed guys and not because my ugly mug is on the front-page!

    I think that you really have nailed the thread v flat argument and I like the implementation of the Ignore feature, I'm ssssssssssoooooo going to ignore Diva Blowdart!!!! Tongue Out

    So what can I and can't I attach? Is it just for 'pegs ?

    The new title bar is actually good fun, specially if it changes over time, but I still would like to see the word's 'Channel 9!' on the title bar, but I won't cry if thats not there.

    Now I really like the tag pages ... that is really cool! Can we submit articles ?

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    So how does it work/look in non-IE7 browsers?  Especially Konqueror, Safari and Firefox?  Seriously 90% of the time that I'm on C9 its through a non MS browser so I hope it works/looks just as good in other browsers that it does in the screenshots.

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    Run! Hide before Jamie gets back.

    (I like the width, but then I'm running in 1024 by 1280 (gotta love that portrait monitor.) so I'm probably a bit unusual.)

    But I'm glad the editing is getting an overhaul - perhaps this'll be the end of the annoying bugs with posts vanishing? (So annoying that I'm in the habit of copying everything I write on all websites before hitting submit now!)

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    Great work! I, like the other niners, feel that you have defeated our skepticism regarding the Threaded/Flat issue, you pulled it together very nicely. Sorry for doubting you Wink

    Let me TRY to be critical - because you made it very difficult to find problems Smiley I love the new header, very cool. But I agree with a few other niners that shuffling this fromt time to time (or even shuffle four specific jpegs reflecting the time of day) would be cool...just to give it some variation.

    The 750px fixed-width page is a bit 1995-ish, when everybody was working on 800x600. Today many of us are using 1280x1024 and up. Don't get me started on Jamie's ridiculous freak-monster resolution of 3904x1200.

    How does a full-screen thread fit into a 750px-wide layout? Maybe there's something we're all missing.

    On the front page, it would be nicer if the "latest posts" preview was closer to the top, so that we don't have to scroll down to see it. It's one of the first things I look for when coming to channel9 Smiley

    Please keep the HTML-view in Posting....please Smiley

    That's it for now,
    Keep up the AMAZING WORK!

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    jamie wrote:
    i need a coffee... brb

    Uh oh Wink

    OT: I am going to sounds really ungrateful now, but it is the open APIs I am more interested in (although the changes are all really good).  Who is working on the APIs?

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    About screen sizes,

    at home i use a gateway lcd thats 1680x1050

    narrow layouts look so odd sometimes, but I can do 2 average pages side-by-side on that screen.

    at work it's 1280x1024 and the current 9 looks ok but I wish it would fill-out wider....

    also some posts with large images in the current 9 blow the layout and make it look bad....

    so I'd like to see a use of css and whatever to see the users screen size and make some calls on what width to flow to.

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    so is this it?  just like on10?  one box that returns an undeciferable list of msn search results?

    akk  ... how about:

    and if you click the underlined link - it goes too:

    only with the above 3 options added

    (again - this is something removed... not added.)

    i like whats been added.

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    Missing in action?

    - Polls on the frontdoor?
    - image upload?
    - themes?
    - pasting video from soapbox/utube
    - *cant see profile page .. hopefully some blog stuff got added


    - thanks for keeping large avatars (im sure you can still make them small for those who wish too)
    - colours and style and forum post window border - all nice
    - more video formats

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    OMG, your guys are genius:P


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