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    cheong wrote:
    Today, the RAID 10 of our domain server failed again...... two harddisk of the same mirror failed at the same time without and alert emails ever sent.

    I'm enough the those unreliable Promise RAID cards, and Adaptec cards are not good either. Can anyone recommand any RAID cards I can trust for?

    Errata: My staffs told me that it should be Adaptec 2130S. So the current scoreboard should be 3 fails for Promise vs 3 fails for Adaptec...
    (all within this 2 years)

    Uh ? Perplexed

    which is it the drives or the controller cards ??

    whats the working environment ??
    Data center ?

    are they on UPS power ?

    temp control ?

    brand and models of drives ?

    I have setup arrays that run for 2-3 years with parhaps 1 or 2 drive losses but never 2 at the same time....