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    Hmmm... so a mirror broke and that cause the card's firmware / software to halt the array?

    I guess this is part of why 5's are so common....

    with a 3+ raid 5 with hot-spares the system just rebuilds and marks the bad drive....

    but with stripe + mirror it's a bit more dicy.....

    or do I have that backwards ....

    mirror + stripe ??

    if we have drives like this:

    1,2,3   stripe as drive 0
    4,5,6   stripe as drive 1

    0,1 mirror as "BIG DISK"

    if any one of drives 1,6 fail then the mirror has faulted and you are at risk.

    been a while since I last mucked with the 1,0 or 0,1 raid modes...