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Office 2007 nightmare

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    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I've been using Office 2007 Beta 2 TR and just downloaded Office 2007 Pro (RTM). The RTM doesn't support upgrading from beta versions, and advises uninstalling the beta.

    I've done that, and still Office 2007 RTM won't install. I've discovered that the Add/Remove Programs manager didn't uninstall Microsoft Office Tools.

    BUT (here's the fun bit) there's no way to uninstall Microsoft Office Tools! No entries in Add/Remove Programs applet. No "Uninstall" option in the flyout menu.

    And the REALLY fun part? I don't have the original Beta bits to resintall then uninstall. And ALL the betas are now gone from MSDN.

    Any suggestions? This is mucho-frustrating... Mad

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    I had an issue getting Office 2007 to Install this morning.

    In the end it turned out it would not install because i had the following installed:

    Office 2003 Web Components
    Expression Web Designer beta 1.

    Once i got rid of them it installed fine.

    This is probably not the cause of your issue, as i did not have a problem uninstalling the Beta 2 TR version....but still quite anoying all the same.

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    There's a reason why Microsoft recommends to never install betas on a production system.

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    Did you install the beta version of the save as PDF/XPS plugin?  And if so, did you uninstall that too?  It's probably a bit further down the add remove programs list than the other parts of office were (I think it's listed as "Office ..." instead of "Microsoft ...").

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    Interesting Arran, I'll try uninstalling Web Designer... will let you know...

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    Cain - yes, I uninstalled that, too.

    Web Designer is happily uninstalling itself (and taking fifteen years to do it) so I'll write again and let you know if I was successful... Perplexed

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    And the winner is... Arran! Thank you Sir!

    It was Web Designer. With that gone, Office 2007 RTM is merrily installing...

    Big Smile

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    ZippyV wrote:

    There's a reason why Microsoft recommends to never install betas on a production system.

    I do agree with you though, Microsoft explicitely warns users not to install beta software on their production systems but allways use virtual machines...

    so either stop using beta's and wait for the final product, or use beta's and accept that this can cause problems..

    obviously, when experiencing problems feel free to ask Smiley

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    I exprienced the same problems today... Wasted two hours with uninstalling almost every Microsoft product on my machine... Sad

    But here is the solution:

    Just google for "easycleaner" and use this little freeware tool to uninstall all the mystical hidden items of the Office 2007 Beta 2 install that don't show up in the Add/Remove Software wizard.

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    Do I need to point out that I never said anything about this being on a production machine? Why did anyone jump to that conclusion?

    In any case, ZippyV's initial response was totally unhelpful and not in any way constructive - which, thankfully, wasn't the case with responses from other Niners. (Thank you constructive, helpful people.)

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    Try this:

    Cheer up!

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    Thanks Qanuc, but I already replied and explained it's fixed now... See above Smiley

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