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    PaoloM wrote:
    FluffyDevilBunny wrote: 

    I find it disturbing that the Vista RTM is available on UseNet before MSDN. Grrr.

    Now with improved trojans and spyware.

    Install at your risk....

    well #1 I will not be taking the risk but just for sake of discussion:

    why then can some bunch of garage hackers:

    a) get the code before legal users
    b) can modify it so fast
    c) have it on line so fast

    from a pure business side of things If I were a MSFT exec I'd be all over someone for the leak and for an explination of why MSFT can't do a legal release *BFORE* the warze folks....

    cause *IF* they had time to get a copy *AND* modify it *AND* publish it......

    then MSFT needs to cleanup some issues with publising and how long it takes to get bits on MSDN and other high-profile channels.

    Hey I'm not mad exactly.... but I am thinking a lot about this...

    So just food for thought:  why can they do it so much faster than MSFT with all it's resources ??

    now I am less alarmed with the time lag *IF* they just pushed the image "As-Is"

    I guess I am a bit of a rebel.... big Corp tends to tick me off cause it gets so full of Cr@p sometimes....