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    LarryOsterman wrote:
    W3bbo wrote: 
    PaoloM wrote: Now with improved trojans and spyware.

    Install at your risk....

    It's clean. When it comes to "viruses in downloads" it really depends on where you get it from.

    I see software companies like Microsoft and the rest to cite malware as a reason not to download warez, but has there ever been an objective study? They'd need a sample of newbies looking for free software versues leet inidividuals much like myself.

    ...but then I fear they might not want to publish the results

    It's my understanding that 30% of the warez has been trojaned.  Of course that also means that 70% is clean.

    It's sort-of like saying that my revolver with 2 bullets in it is 66% unloaded, so it's safe to play Russian Roulette with it.

    Yeah, I know it's an unpleasant analogy, but the alternatives I could come up with were worse.

    That is simply illogical. It’s like saying 30% of files on the internet are viruses so you had better not download anything. The fact of the matter is, warez is all about reputation.

    It's about who can get out the best release in the fastest time.

    Now don’t misunderstand me I am not condoning warez but I do believe in keeping an accurate appraisal of the situation.