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Will Vista Volume License by on MSDN

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    easy question I hope. Does anyone know when the MSDN download site will have the volumn license image of Vista and Office 2007. I see XP VL and Windows 2003 VL but no Vista.

    I know I'm impatient Big Smile


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    I hope soon cause it's where certified partners get thier VL media from Tongue Out


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    Yes it will.  off of the MSDN site it says

    it will be up today

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    Interesting, I could not get my VL media from my VL MSDN, like you I see all the others. But I was given an eopen login and it has access to the Volume License Download Center, it is like the MS download center but interestingly it has a java based file transfer manager, that is blazing fast! (after a few pauses and reconnects)


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