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View Thread: Vista nVidia drivers -- buggy ?
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    I'm still waiting on stable drivers for the nForce4. The audio blue screens if it tries to play more than one sound.

    I could probably work around it by finding drivers from the manufacturers of the sound chip - but it doesn't bode well for the nvraid drivers (which I will want to be using.) I'm on Vista RTM x86 (probably plump for x64 when drivers come through.)

    Then again, I could never get the IDE drivers working under XP - blue screens instantly whichever version I try to install (and locked me out of safe mode, so complete re-install needed whenever I tried it.) and I only once got nvraid working and never again (tried every driver they'd made bundled with the installation nothing ever worked.)

    Aahhh... nVidia. You wouldn't know quality control if it slapped you in the face. Next time I buy any parts I'm buying anything but nvidia.