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Vista User Profiles

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    Hi guys,

    I think it's a smart move that MSFT have re-organized the user profile folder so that not eveything is in My documents anymore. However, I actually want my profile to live on a different drive; somewhere that won't get trashed when I re-install the OS.

    I see it is possible to change the location of the folders in the users' profile folder, but is it possible to change the location of profile folder itself?

    eg. Instead of c:\users\\<profile folders>, I want something like e:\data\userstore\<profile folders>


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    Like in Windows XP, it's possible, but a helluvalot easier if you set the path during installation as part of an unattended installation script. Otherwise you've got hundreds of registry keys to change (and a potentially unloginable system)

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    Oh. [C]

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    Dave Haldane

    Depends if you want to do this for one user or every user.

    If it's just one then go into Computer Management --> Users --> right click the desired user and choose Properties. Then, on the profile tab, change the location of the profile. The default will still be c:\users for every new user however your current account will have changed.

    Hope that helps

    Big Smile

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    I don't see MS using a collective folder called 'Data', .. compared to what, the rest of the 'not data' on the harddrive? Perplexed

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    Right Click on Documents > Properties > Location (tab), change the path, windows will take care of all of the registry settings for you.... this is the same as it used to be in XP. HTH.

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    Here is how I moved my entire Vista User Profile directory structure to a different volume (not just the folders inside the profile).

    It's an awful lot of registry editing, but everything seems to be functioning perfectly! Smiley

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