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View Thread: Windows CardSpace - so what ?
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    nojetlag wrote:
    So I have my Vista Machine ready but so far I didn't find any production website from Microsoft where I could use it. I always thought Microsoft is soo keen to eat their own dogfood. Not for CardSpace ? No MSDN, No Channel9 no Channel 10 support for this ?

    Good question. As you know, all Microsoft websites support authentication through username/password and/or LiveID (nee Passport). Rather than add just another random sign-in mechanism, we opted to wait for LiveID CardSpace support to arrive. When is this going to happen? Soon! Wink

    nojetlag wrote:
    Is it another dead horse from the passport family or was 6 years not enough time to prepare for the arrival of CardSpace ?

    Just so we're clear, CardSpace and LiveID are delivered from entirely different groups within Microsoft.

    Sometimes we have to wait for things to synch up - this is one of those cases.

    If you do want to play with CardSpace, you could, of course, go try out the Sandbox: