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View Thread: Windows CardSpace - so what ?
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    Well the "dogfood" thing I always hear at their events. The evangelists seem to get this phrases put on their ROM when entering their job Smiley

    I guess part of it is that MSFT just got too big, for me MSDN is just a very good example that they don't really know anymore what's going on. It's not consistent what MSFT does. Pieces of their new versions appear on connect, others appear on the regular download site, others again in MSDN. So as a subscriber of MSDN I would expect that all stuff would appear at least on MSDN or TechNet. So already how they present the stuff is very much inconsistent and that goes on for the products.

    I'm also happily using VS Studio and I guess it's .NET and VS that keeps me in the MS Univers, but in recent years I can really feel how the corporation disintegrates (as I said I guess it's the size).

    And it's very hard to sell a piece of technology if the producing company is not using the stuff by themselves Big Smile