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    BlackTiger wrote:
    I've installed Office 2007 and PDF/XPS plug-in.

    So... XPS - half-done work, as usualy...


    Ok. I have Firefox as default browser. I have FW3.0 installed. I have XPSViewer.exe in WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\XPSViewer folder.
    Everything seems ok.

    But... XPSViewer.exe isn't actually an "exe"! When I'm trying to open freshly created xps by double-clicking on it it's opens in... Firefox! With "Save as" dialog!

    Ok. I'm trying to open using "Open With" menu option in XPSViewer. It opens in... FIREFOX! I'm trying to execute XPSViewer.exe alone - nothing has happened, it's not a normal application.

    Here is only one way to open XPS file - in... Internet Explorer! because XPSViewer actually is just a IE plug-in.

    So... Even bloody AdobeReader has COM-interface to embed pdfs into any application! Where is COM interface to view XPSes?!?!

    Well I see several problems why they had to stop at an ActiveX control for viewing. XPS is the default print format in Vista so XPS is always there.  But remember when office was going to create PDFs and XPS by default, remember all that? Well I see why a native viewer is not in the OS by default. FireFox does not support ActiveX so therefore until a plugin is written for it, you can't view it in Firefox. But anyone is able to use the specs to create one.