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nForce Audio Vista RTM Suckiness (rant)

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    Ahhh nVidia, or is nvidia now? I'm never sure of their branding.

    I would so dearly love to use my Vista RTM, but thanks to highly dodgy audio drivers for my nForce4 based motherboard I get BSOD whenever more than one sound plays. (I did originally think it was the TV card, which is running old XP drivers - but playing an mp3 in media player made me realise that this wasn't the case.)

    So I know they're beta drivers, but they're pretty shocking, how near launch will it have to be before I get working sound?

    And don't get me started on their disk drivers in XP! Next time I'm buying AMD / ATI all the way.

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    Wow, a BSOD on vista. I just don't get any audio, when I try and install some other drivers i just get a bad sound driver pop up.

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    I got this too. Are you sure your audio is nvidia? I have an nforce 4 motherboard. Vista installs (buggy) nvidia drivers for my audio, but my audio is Realtek. Not sure if this helps you, but if your audio is Realtek, search for "realtek vista 6183". That should get you the latest drivers which have worked fine for me (as well as previous Realtek Vista drivers).

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    my nforce4 based Vista RTM Media center is running on integrated sound (for now) and is having no problems using the RC1 audio drivers.....

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    Nforce4 wth realtek integrated sound working just fine here too.  On initial install it wasnt working at sound.. but windows update ran for the first time and installed the drivers.  All seems to be well...In fact everything sounds great.

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