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View Thread: What idiot made the zune and wmp databases seperate?
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    blowdart wrote:
    I went on a metadata fix up yesterday, and did it all inside WMP because that's my usual player.

    And nothing reflected into Zune.

    Then I fixed missing album art.

    And lo, none of it reflected into Zune.

    Must track down Zune PM and strangle him with sync cord. Except you can't buy a sync cord on its own, and so it would mean no more Zune if I broke the cord. *GRRRR*

    I'm with you on this. Why didn't they goto the WMP team and say "Hey guys, here's the spec for our new device. Add the functionality to WMP 11". Just looking at the Zune software it looks like they took the WMP 10 code and modified it to connect to the Zune and Zune marketplace. That's about all that's new.