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    Sourcecode wrote:
    If that was truly the case then it would be FLA to XAML.

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the FLA file format is proprietary and undocumented. Or if it is documented, that fact isn't made public. So, although I agree that converting from FLA to XAML would have been nice, there's no obvious way to accomplish this.

    As a result, the only reasonble way to get Flash content into XAML is to convert it from a SWF file. It really is that simple.

    Earlier in this thread, I referred to some large companies that had never received (or thought to ask for) the original FLA files. This "lost assets" argument has been brought up a few times in this same thread. I want to point out that even if you still have the original FLA files, converting the assets from the published SWF file is still the best option.

    The only other option I can think of would be to convert the assets from whatever format they existed in before they were imported into the Flash authoring tool (yes, their tool also imports non-Adobe files). In a lot of cases, though, those assets were actually created in the Flash authoring tool, so this strategy wouldn't work, and you'd be out of luck.