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    Everyone is making great points in this thread regarding the asking for pay issue. But let's not forget the "technology used" issue. This leads me to evaulate a company's technology plan which is a Warren-Buffet-like assesment of the IT department's ability to use technology over time.

    One of the worst feelings in the world is to paid a great salary but you are convinced that your organization's technology is literally stupid. Unless you know how to hang on quiet desperation, your co-workers at least will get wind of your opinion which could lead to a hostile work environment.

    So I must remember to interview the company when they interview me. I need to understand what they intend to do and what is actually there. The software "speaks" for itself. Since the folks at Microsoft use the word "architect" to describe the master code builders of IT organizations then we should be able to articulate their architectual design within a coherent narrative.