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View Thread: Why do some people not like .Net framework.
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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    For those who want proof that .NET runs slow, Checkout Andres Heijlsberg's (sp?) video in C9. He himself admits to that.

    Further Statistical Perfomance Analysis which Demonstrate my point. (its a PDF). Also, C# Versus C++, Performance

    You can also read Scientific Journals if you have subscription to it.

    .NET is Slower than unmanaged code. Because with managed code, you do 2 compilations to get to machine code, rather than 1 with unmanaged.

       1. Those 'two' benchmarks you linked to are the same thing.
       2. Four very simple tests isn't going to tell you much about the overall performance differences of two languages.  I could write four tests like that myself that show C# as being faster than C++.
       3. Trying to benchmark a VM language against a non-VM language is very difficult and will usually result in you testing the wrong thing.
       4. It's usually a good idea to actually know what you're talking about before you try to start preaching to other people.