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View Thread: Secret Offer - Free Vista or Office 2007 for Developers
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    ultimaterobert wrote:
    XxDesmus_MODxX wrote:
    ultimaterobert wrote:
    I have sent three emails to the addresses available on that page and have yet to receive a response from any of them (this was at least a month ago).  I am eligible to receive both gifts and I want to know where you are supposed to get the W-9 to fill out.

    If I might answer this (for the 10th time).

    In the FAQ of the site it clearly states that  (assuming you qualified for that). If you're only receiving one gift then you will not have to fill out the W-9 form.

    As many other people have pointed out, you very likely will not end up having to pay anything in taxes on these gifts because the taxable gift amount starts at $5,000.

    <-- Goes back to patiently waiting.

    I don't know what FAQ you've been reading, but the one I'm looking at ( clearly states:

    IRS rules require that any gift over $600 is taxable which requires us to collect W9 information from participants and to file a 1099 with the IRS for the value of both products. This is why you received an email that directed you to a secure website to provide that information and we must receive it before shipping your product.

    How does receiving an email to "direct you to a secure website to provide that information" translate into "they will send you the first item and then depending on your eligibility they will send you the W-9 form before you receive the second gift" ?

    Just received the Office 2007 email that some others seem to be getting.Big Smile Includes the following:

    If you are eligible for and have registered to receive both the Windows Vista Business offer and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 offer, you must complete a W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) form. To make this easier, go to this online form (link removed) and fax or mail the completed form using the information provided. This form must be completed, returned and documented before the second gift can be shipped. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient.