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View Thread: Secret Offer - Free Vista or Office 2007 for Developers
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    Jaz wrote:
    Mark Brown wrote:
    Yes, very sorry about that. I work in the US-Sub so there is that to contend with. I don't have the budget to do WW campaigns. There is also a tax issue as well that I wasn't prepared to deal with. If a user decides they want to take both the Vista and Office offer it is a taxable event here in the US since the combined value is over $600. That requires a W9 that we send to the user to be signed and sent back via fax or snail mail before we can ship the second product. Since I can't handle this type of thing for every country in the world you can see where my problem was with trying to do this world wide.

    Sorry about this really.

    Hey Mark, i'm so glad you're part of the community as you give great insights, and this isn't an attack at you really though it may come across as that of which i'm sorry.

    Microsoft is a huge organisation you have what 60-70k employee's worldwide.  I completely understand that you alone can't do the whole tax relief worldwide thing, thats not your fault at all, i wouldn't be able to.  But with a company so large with so many resources can't you phone up your UK/European counterpart and say "hey we're doing this cool promotion over here, i think it'd be really great if you could organise it over at your end and we can make it a joint WW event".

    We over in europe see so many of these "get Microsoft * free when you watch webcasts" and then find out it's US only and we never or rarely see something our end.  it completely sucks for us and we want some love.

    Is there a chance you could make some calls to your european counterparts and see if you can get somethig cool set up with them?

    there must be some european MS guys thinking the same thing as you.

    Jaz, I COMPLETELY AGREE! Another example of how the good efforts in one section/area of  MS are undermined by a complete lack of foresight in another. Europe only ever seems to get the crumbs that MS are prepared to giveaway