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View Thread: Secret Offer - Free Vista or Office 2007 for Developers
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    Mark Brown

    Its for real. Smiley

    This thing is a marketing campaign of mine and is targeted at developers who are willing to watch 3 or more webcasts (each) to get either a copy of Vista Business or Office Pro.

    The idea is to get developers excited about developing on these two platforms while getting some training information to help them do it. You can also register for one of the many launch events we'll have across the US as well.

    There are some links to the MSDN Forums where you can ask technical questions as well as check out some of the more popular bloggers in both product groups as well.

    Finally you can check out all the C9 screen casts on Office and Vista from there as well.

    FYI: The site appears to be having some technical difficulties probably due to the crush of activity. Just keep trying for now.

    FYI2: I know many of you may have some questions about this. Unfortunately I'm going to be on a long trip with limited access to my favorite place Channel 9 Smiley So please be patient if it takes me a while to get back here.