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Secret Offer - Free Vista or Office 2007 for Developers

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    Thanks again Mark.  I really appreciate your help, as I'm sure most of the folks on here do.

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    I have sent my w9 and catalysis said they did not receive it. I faxed it again and also scanned the doc and emailed to them, to which they replied that they recevied. I did not yet receive any email or anything so far.

    Here is the email:

    Hello Venkat,

     Your W9 was received on 2/28 and your order should be getting ready soon.

     Thank you,


               Windows Vista and Office Kit Order Admin

    I have no clue when they are going to ship my stuff. What happens to the W9 if they do not ship anything to me.

    Do I end of paying taxes on this undelivered gifts ?

    Registred email:

    Venkat Polisetti

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    Mark I finally recieved my copy so I bet you're glad to here that.  Thanks a bunch for keeping everyone updated.

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    Edit:  Received my copy today.  Thanks all involved.

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    Finally got Office.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Me too. I received it on end of last week. Thanks Mark for all the great help!!! Smiley Appreciate that Smiley

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    Receive mine last week. Thanks everybody.

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    Still no luck with Vista for me.
    My confirmation # is 35730

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    Mark, I still haven't recieved my copy of MS Office 2007 yet.  My confirmation # is 87364 and I registered with dieyouyuppiescum [*at*] hotmail [*dot*] com.  I've been pretty busy lately and I just got around to e-mailing catalyst today.  Thanks for your help & this promotion!

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    Still no Office yet, emailed catalyist again Sad

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    Mark Brown

    No worries. I'll have someone take a look out here today and get back to you all.

    Thanks again. Glad to see you getting your shipments.


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    Got mine today via DHL!
    Thanks to Mark and everyone for clearing things up.

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    I got a shipped conformation, thank you.

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    Hey Mark, I still haven't received office, is their someone else I can email except catalyis?  I've sent them so many emails and I don't get a response. 

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    I would like to say "Thank you very much" for carrying out this promotion and for keeping us updated in the past 4 months.

    Thanks a lot.


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