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    Thanks Tensor,

    I can commute around Sheffield, such as getting a bus into the town center than a tram to outer parts. But thats as far as I can go.

    I can't drive, and due to my disability I will never be able to.

    Trains arn't a problem, but timing is, I can get a train to leeds and I will be quite often now that one of my friends lives there.

    The problem is getting a train early enough in the morning, unless employers don't mind me arriving around 1 O'clock in the afternoon.

    That's the only problem.

    I have 5 yrs college experience in VB6, and 3 Months exp in C++ through a online course I did through LearnDirect.

    I've also started to learn C#. I am familiar with PHP/MySQL, I can work with ASP as well as ASP.NET (if its virtually the same with ASP).

    I'd like to work in a team of programmers ideally.