tribalcactus wrote:
Most drivers can be found at  They have ported the drivers that nVidia provides so that they support the Go cards.

As far as performance - I'd think it ought to do fine.  I'm running Vista RTM on the following setup at home, and it doesn't seem to have any problems.  I don't use it on battery because, well, the battery life already sucked.  It's an HP Pavilion ZD7000 (17" monster).

p-4 2.66Ghz
512mb RAM
40gb HDD
64mb GeForceFX 5200 Go

I'm using the drivers from the above website to enable Aero Glass support.


I just installed Vista Business this week, and tried the drivers from LaptoVideo2Go and couldn't get any of them to work to enable Aero. I am running the same hardware as you (ZD7010us). Can you please point me to exactly what set of drivers (and modded inf) i need to get Aero working?

Thanks in advanced.

P.S. I know 64mb wont support Aero, but I've heard people getting it to work with the modded drivers.