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Latests C9 videos

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    What's different with the new C9 videos??

    I can't watch the latests videos that have been posted on C9 on my Pocket PC.  They do "play", but look choppy. 

    Oh noes!!!, does this mean that I will have to watch the videos on my... DESKTOP? :O

    So... what has Rory been doing to those videos?  Are they on a higher bitrate or what? Or maybe I turned into a user :O that can't even play a video on a PDA without calling tech support?!? 

    So now that we're talking about videos.. Smiley  who do we have to kill around here to get an RSS feed of the videos in an iPod friendly format  Smiley

    P.S.  Yeah, I know this message has too many emoticons, but.. I'm a girl, and that's what girls do Tongue Out

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    They are higher quality. Yes... Smiley The newest videos are a lot bigger Big Smile (in means of MB size). Your PDA could have scaling issues Perplexed with the new videos. :O

    I'm no girl, but I'm doing also emotions Cool

    And I'm not GAY. I don't want the discussion that Rory has over at his blog Tongue Out

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    Forget iPod formatted video, I want PSP formatted! Big Smile

    Although that could get complicated quickly.

    I noticed they were over 1000 kbps, I don't need that kind of resolution but given that I always watch on my desktop I'm not bothered. I guess it's working the PDA hard to watch it though.

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