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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:

    Hmm...  looks periodic....However, we can't get any conclusive evidence that it's caused by human factors...

    So, um... according to wikipedia...

    wikipedia wrote:
    The latest data, as of March 2006, shows CO2 levels now stand at 381 parts per million (ppm) — 100ppm above the pre-industrial average.

    So CO2 atmospheric level is 1/3 higher than any point in 400,000 years -- and we don't think it's man made?

    It seems pretty clear from the graph that temperature follows CO2 level, but it's not clear from scale how quickly it response. Do you want to take the chance that temperatures will rise sharply 50 years from now?

    raymond wrote:

    Read Michael Crichton

    Hey, I love the Jurasic Park movies. Have him write some more of them.