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Introducing PDFBlaster: an integrated, affordable and easy-to-install digital document solution that delivers powerful batch faxing and PDF emailing- all without the hardware hassles associated with fax servers, modems, phone lines, scanners or complex third party software customization. PDFBlaster quickly integrates with nearly every accounting system on the market today, including Microsoft Small Business Accounting, with only a few mouse clicks, and pre-addresses each accounting document automatically- so you can start faxing and emailing digitally in minutes, not months! Because PDFBlaster does not require fax servers, modems or ANY hardware other than a PC with an internet connection, setup is a snap! PDFBlaster easily integrates with virtually every mid-market accounting package, so there's no customization to fool with either.

Capability - Communications and Collaboration
Business Process - Document Management, Manufacturing/Supply Chain Solutions, System Integrators
Business/Market - Construction, IT Services, Manufacturing
Technology -
Repository Integration -
LOB Integration -
Migration -
Products Used - Small Business Accounting, Word
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