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Activating Windows Vista & High Def Content (HDCP)

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    Hello All,

    I wonder if anyone here can answer a few technical questions..

    I'm going to purchase windows vista home premium for my home machine, and install it on my current desktop machine. In the future, I intend to upgrade it to a completely new system and re-install vista, will I be able to reactivate it on the new machine?

    My partner is Japanese, and she is picking up a Vista from Japan on her next trip, will she be able to activate it successfully from the UK?

    Now for something more technical

    I want my future system to be able to play hi-def protected content, so I have worked out that to comply with all the requirements, i will need:

    » Windows Vista (of course)
    » A HDCP compliant video card *with the actual HDCP module on it*. It seems a lot of cards are advertised as "compatible", but very few actually have the hardware on the board...
    » A HDCP compliant display
    » And if i want to hear anything, a WLP3.0 compliant audio codec which supports content decryption, the only one I know of so far being the Realtek ALC 885. This one is really important because there are currently no add in cards which support audio content decyption and neither do there appear to be any on the horizon either, so i need to make sure that I get a motherboard with this onboard audio chipset.

    Therefore, If anyone can think of any more, please let me know

    Edit: oh, and of course, some kind of hd-dvd / blu-ray drive and deocder software
    Also, i'm interested to know what people think will be the winning HD format in future. Yeah, i know this has been asked many times, but does anyone else see the Blu-Ray in the East and HD-DVD in the West split coming? I have a feeling this battle will be decided by the consoles, not by the standalone players, none of which seem to be very good at the moment (1 minute power on times!?).
    The PS3 is likely to be big in Japan, hence, Blu-Ray, and the Xbox360 / Vista combo in the West will make HD-DVD the winner.



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