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View Thread: Not very happy with MSDN Forums
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    Keli wrote:

    Phew, at last - The meetings of minds across this vast space aka The Net. Smiley. I am not the only one.

    Interestingly you didn't need to gather any more evidence for your posit - "ALL MS forums R teh suX"

    Lest we don't forget the more important things in life.
    Bill Hill's -

    Kelli I do luv ya... Please tell me you're a girl too.

    It would be 50 ub34-1337 to find another female that can smack these boy-geks around if they start making fun of my lack of knowledge in coding, programming etc.

    If I'm yet again missing the point and you're making fun of my blondeness, don't.

    Not a good move in the long-run.