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    JKelley wrote:
    Hey Littleguru, could you do me a favor and e-mail me your issues?  My team is helping fix some bugs in the forum software, and I'm pretty sure a bunch of the ones you listed are already in our queue if not already taken care of internally.  Also make sure you enter the individual bugs at the Connect site.  That will get them in the official channels, but I can e-mail your list directly to the people who will look at them.

    We know there are issues with the forum software, but we are trying to make improvements.  I don't know what the timetable is for pushing the bug fixes live, but rest assured, there are updates planned for the platform.  They don't tend to be as sweeping or major as what you'd see here on C9, but they do happen.   

    My team, Developer Solutions, doesn't own the code for the forums, but we do "own" the forums experience, so it is our job to make sure it gets better, and that you're happy with it.



    Hey Jeremy, thanks for your answer. Could you point me at the connect page/sub page where I can file the bugs?

    I'll send you an e-mail using the Channel 9 e-mail button. I hope it doesn't get into your SPAM folder!

    MSDN forums aren't bad at all. They could be a GREAT resource for developers. But they need a great search experience, a working editor and a better UI. It should be a place that people love and not that people think: ah, somebody did something in his free time and didn't have the time to finish, but it needed to be shipped.

    I would like to have a great experience at MSDN forums. I'm sure that more people would use them and they would generate even more useful content. The community is important Smiley