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View Thread: What are YOU listening to?
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    I'm currently listening to an auto-playlist of all music on my computer (on shuffle).  It contains: classical, jazz, rock, metal, rap, hip-hop, pop, dance, trance, soundtracks, etc.

    Last few tracks:

    Tool - Forty six and two
    Four Seasons - Oh what a night
    Ramstein - Engel
    Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the name of
    Kill Bill Soundtrack - Battle without honour
    Black Eyed Peas (feat Jack Johnson) - Gone Going
    Redgum - I was only nineteen
    Moby - Body rock
    John Farnham - A touch of paradise
    Paul Simon - Loves me like a rock
    Green Day - Time of your life

    And after seeing it mentioned in this thread I'm going to pause my autoplaylist once this song is finished and listen to Delerium - Silence since I haven't heard it in ages (it used to be one of my favourites).