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    Dr Herbie wrote:
    Wolfmother (more Led Zep that Led Zep ever were)
    Belle & Sebastian (Life Persuit, nice and relaxed)
    Muse (you can listen to all their albums in entirety on-line  at, very forward thinking!)
    Rufus Wainright
    ZZ-top (the older stuff)
    Pengion Cafe Orchestra (relaxed)

    If I start listening to too much Radiohead, it means I'm in the first stages of depression, so I need to listen to lighter stuff like the Darkness. I took all the Radiohead MP3's off my PC about six months ago so I can only listen from CD in the car.


    Okay that's it ........ MUST hear Wolf Mother..

     to-freaking-die-for 'Stigmata' by DUH Ministry

    Now you ALL can make insane fun of me.... The ULTIMATE Pop song but IO LOVE it! 

    Found it from an Internet search after hearing it about a 100 times on PBS
    'You Only Get What You Give' by The New Radicals