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View Thread: Does ReadyBoost really boost performance?
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    ahh, forgot to put the specs

    2800+ Sempron with 1Gig of ram;  I had to install some drivers that wren't vista ready so that might have something to do with the cpu spiking from time to time but i don't know.

    cisco.hernandez wrote:
    has anyone tried readyboost with a flash drive with that u3 junk on it? I've installled vista on a slow box but it generally works great.. ( although i do get spikes of cpu usage @ 100% and i can't seem to figure out why -- even when i'm doing something cpu non-intensive )

    in any case, when i put in the drive(2GB sandisk cruzer) my cpu goes up and somtimes it'll stay at 100%. If i'm not doing anything it's around %30 for the system process. once i take it out, goes back down.

    My boss gave me this drive a few days ago so i haven't had time to play with it yet.  I'm going to try killing everything on the drive but i was wondering if anyone faced something like this before