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Does ReadyBoost really boost performance?

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    I wanted to buy an USB2 pendrive for vista but, since I already tried some memory cards (with an adapter) and none of them were accepted by readyboost could you please point me a decent model or give me suggestion on chosing the right pendrive for vista?

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    Titan Storm

    Well, ALMOST any memory stick/card should work if

    a)Try to format in NTFS but it is not required.  The reason I suggest this is you will be able to compress the drive

    b)Ensure the policy for the device is set to "optimize for quick removal".  I am not 100% sure on this but my understanding is this will give the optimal performance.  Still waiting for some input from others on this forum.

    c)Format with an allocation unit size of 4096.  This is the largest size that supports compression and anything smaller will greatly hamper performance.  This is why most devices do not support ReadyBoost is because of their default FAT format and allocation size. 

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    Titan Storm

    I found a really good website with some Q&A

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