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    Jack Poison

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    And how many of them are switching to Mac because they can finally dual boot/run windows in Parallels at native speed?  Microsoft loses no sales or customers when people are still using Windows on their Macs.

    It's Dell, HP, etc. that are the losers here.

    I think it is the geeks that want to dual boot / run in Parallels, personally. Maybe not geeks, but the "power users" (no pun intended). Most people that I know (minus the dev) will not likely run in parallels / boot camp (what a sucky name).

    But, the point remains, what is Microsoft's thinking with this, assuming my experience (and, I know of a few other people who have seen this trend independently) is indicative of the current state of affairs? Do they care or not? Do you think they have a plan that has some chance of success?

    One last thought I had (and I'm not terribly serious): Maybe Microsoft wants Apple to increase marketshare, so the world might see a sizable amount of OS X "Exploits in the wild" (note, I'm not saying the word Virus here...).