Jack you have some very valid points that have crossed my mind more than a few times. The guy in the next cube to me just got a Mac laptop for music and writing plays. His grandson had a Mac and he liked the "percieved" ease of use and creative cache(sp) that goes with it.

One of my friends and I were talking (both of us .net programmers) about how there should be a tablet type device just for web surfing at home. I want a TPC for work but he only wants a cheap tablet to surf from his couch. The Mira was looking to be this but It was expensive and got axed.

I think simple web appliances with less functionality are the untapped frontier. How about a simple spreadsheet and word processor in your linksys router for home to use with that browser tablet?


My bread and butter comes from working with Windows apps. But a rethink of things may be in order. If you try to please everyone you end up with a monster app.


The old saying is “A camel is a horse designed by commite”.

Don't get me wrong innovation and more features are great but some market segments may need a different approach.