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    jamie wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote: 
    jamie wrote: for what it's worth - im going back to xp
    ive had it with vista (ill spare the rant)

    Care to Explain?

    laptop - no internet.  didnt use it for a longtime - go to install xp on it today -  "you need to activate - reduced functionality bla bla -" locked out - lost xp2 cd - have on drive - need to burn off laptop - vista wont burn image properly - laptop wont pick it up on boot - tried ultimate boot cd (downloaded it) ran it - no drive c:  - cant figure it out - boot to safe mode w/command prompt..  cd i386/winnt - error ok - winnt32 - error - but goes through ..starts copying - misses some files - skip skip - restart - files missing - looping setup boot - go to tory xp machine with burner - go to copy nero - log into (c9)vista - you cant have no password - arg - go to c9 vista (me) - copy stuff to server - go back to tory - copy from server...

    thats where im at
    i  - just - want - to - load - xp

    Here is a tip that might help you.

    When ever it says missing file xyz.sys or something eject the CD and insert it again. most of the time it will find the file and resume.

    This happen because the error rate in writing data is not reduced. Use slow speeds when writing files.