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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    jamie wrote: for what it's worth - im going back to xp
    ive had it with vista (ill spare the rant)

    Care to Explain?

    laptop - no internet.  didnt use it for a longtime - go to install xp on it today -  "you need to activate - reduced functionality bla bla -" locked out - lost xp2 cd - have on drive - need to burn off laptop - vista wont burn image properly - laptop wont pick it up on boot - tried ultimate boot cd (downloaded it) ran it - no drive c:  - cant figure it out - boot to safe mode w/command prompt..  cd i386/winnt - error ok - winnt32 - error - but goes through ..starts copying - misses some files - skip skip - restart - files missing - looping setup boot - go to tory xp machine with burner - go to copy nero - log into (c9)vista - you cant have no password - arg - go to c9 vista (me) - copy stuff to server - go back to tory - copy from server...

    thats where im at
    i  - just - want - to - load - xp