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    Hey look, a translation.

    "Como havia dito em alguns posts atrás, e assim também como o Guilherme Gall citou sobre o furor evangelista dos adoradores da Microsoft, fiquei incomodado com os paranóicos fãs da Micro$oft do fórum Channel 9. Alguns deles são agressivos quando alguém cita as facilidades do linux por ser open source, mas nada que abale ambas as partes, mas assim como já postei neste fórum, o maior furor entre esta comunidade é o ceticismo anti-Google, anti MSN e afins.

    Has I said a few posts back, and also as Guilherme Gall quoted about the evangelist furor of the Microsoft lovers, I was bothered with the paranoid Micro$oft fans from the Channel9 Forum. Some of them get aggressive when someone quotes the benefits derived from Linux open source origins, but just as I have already posted on this forum(Channel9), the biggest furor among that community is the scepticism towards anti-Google/MSN & related.

    Acompanhando o thread:

    Accompanying the thread:( hard to guess eh? lol )

    Which is better Windows Live Custom Domains or Google Apps?
    Posted by shreyasonline // Sun, Dec 3, 2006 3:37 AM
    Has anyone tried both Windows Live Custom Domains and Google Apps ... can you tell which service is better and why ?
    Shreyas Zare

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    doomer Sun, Dec 3 2006 2:17 AM
    Google Apps delivery a start page, gtalk with your domain, google pages for website hosting end gmail, better than hotmail interface...

    ### e então seguem os ataques suscetivos a quem ousasse falar bem do Google.

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    Darbacour Sun, Dec 3 2006 3:11 AM
    This is an uneducated reply but personally I shun away from 'We will never do anything evil' Bad. wrong...... whatever the quote was..
    To a company that embraced giving AOL their algorythyms and keyword placement and formed a deal that M/S found unethical.
    Personally I NOW always try to use MSN search before I venture into the the slimy Google LIARS Den.

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    Darbacour Sun, Dec 3 2006 6:00 AM
    One other VERY important point to keep in mind; should you choose to use Google.... every e-mail you send or receive will be indexed.
    I personally refuse to resond to G-mail for anything other than the most superfulous comminications

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    Darbacour Sun, Dec 3 2006 8:44 AM
    I have an insanely popular website.
    I get 2-3 hundred SPAMs a day.
    My #1 writer uses Gmail I don't want the contents of our e-mails published...Sadly they are ALL Google indexed.
    Google spiders IGNORE my robot text... I find that indescribably intrusive and very BAD... even though Google promised to never do anything BAD...
    Disregarding my robot.txt is BAD
    Microsoft respects my privacy and doesn't publish any and everything I do on the net!
    Google signed an agreement to allow AOL to always rise to the top of their pages... AOL counter MS and asked if they would give them the sam consideration. Microsoft said it was unethical and refused.
    Bottom line is don't do business with pond scum ... if it costs a little more to do business with a reputable company.......... pay the toll. it's worth it.

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    Darbacour Sun, Dec 3 2006 11:01 AM
    "Darbacour, are you saying that Google makes your emails search-able to the public? I mean, I don't know how your privacy is supposedly compromised just for using Gmail."
    Of course I am.
    Are YOU telling me you weren't aware of that 'feature' of G-mail?
    I also love (DESPISE) how Google's spiders totally ignore robot.txt
    I didn't originally see your last insulting comment:
    I don't think you'll find many fair and unbiased opinions here, though...
    Personally I've seen opinions ALL over the place....with NO editing which I really like... of course I'm not at to get truly 'Fair and balanced' opinions.
    Sorry I'm a Libertarin, not a Neo-Con.


    Essas são somente as 1ºs de todo o thread onde este usuário "Darbacour" participou ativamente, muitas vezes com textos em negrito e caixa alta.

    The are only the first ones from the whole thread where the user "Darbacour" actively participated, often with bold and highly visible text(font-size-wise).

    No último post publicado aqui ele diz ser um libertário (um partidário da doutrina do livre-arbítrio), eu fico pensando... o que ele quiz dizer com isso sob um ambiente by Micro$oft??? Só rindo... e muito.

    In his last post he declares himself as a liberal, and I think to myself... what did he mean by that being on a Micro$oft environment??? You gotta laugh... a lot.

    Bom, desencontros a parte (não é a 1º vez que sou incomodado com usuários fervorosos contra o Google, o Linux, entre outras empresas, sistemas e aplicações), mas sequer é por este motivo que estou deixando o fórum. O estou abandonando simplesmente pelo fato de não me notificar quando alguém responde minha mensagem."

    Well, discounters apart( this isn't the first time I'm bothered with fierce google/Linux/other companies/systems and applications haters) ), neither is that the reason why I'm leaving that forum. I'm leaving simply because of the fact that I'm not notified about replies to my messages.


    "2. Email is web 1.0 technology. You can get an RSS feed per topic."

    heh, unfortunately C9's RSS is kind of weird, new posts on old threads make those threads come back to the surface. Logic when browsing the forum, but not when receiving the RSS feed since there's no distinction between threads. The Topic Feed should only spit out the Topics ordered by date, C9's Topic Feed behaves more like a topic activity feed.