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    The Developer Solutions team uses a kind of light SCRUM for our work.  We run 5 week sprints with a rotating SCRUM master who's in charge of running the daily meeting.  The meeting lasts about 15 minutes in theory, sometimes closer to 30.  No laptops allowed, except for Fridays when we do a demo of someone's work that hasn't been seen by the team yet.

    We aren't quite as backlog driven as traditional SCRUM would probably indicate, but it works for us.  In between each sprint we take a week and do planning.  It's a great way to have a little bit of slush in the schedule for finishing stuff that didn't quite get done, or getting a jump start on the next sprint's work.

    I actually just finished my first scrum master rotation and it was cool doing all the work for it.  I had to do a sprint kickoff meeting, we also did a halfway point status review, and a sprint retrospective meeting to present to ourselves and the next level of management what we'd accomplished.