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    sorry if posting at a totally inapproapriate place, I have just a problem I have the feeling someone of you could help me:

    Yesterday our company just jumped into the scrum development and management methodology and I feel somehow confused by the way things were happening yesterday. One of my first questions yesterday during the series of meetings was which companies use scrum really today. I was told, by one of the most experienced, that 85 percent of microsoft teams use scrum.

    1. Is that really true (the best would be if someone from microsoft could express himself)???

    2. Does their scrum look like ours?
      - After some introduction, we were told, that our most experienced developer has become product owner what means, that he cannot help us with organizing our team, what was our first goal - we (8 people) spent many hours discussing, if we should use time estimates or not, how our meetings should look like,  and other things, which should be in my opinion given by someone who has much more exprerience then we do, especially with the scrum.

      - Can this "self-organization" really work? Does it really work so in microsoft? Team of 8 discussing things without any really experience boss to say, what doesnt really make sense?

    3. Which other big companies use scrum and how in detail?

    I will start looking over the internet of course, I just had the feeling, that this parallel discussion could give me some other clues, as we are really pressed by time - our first sprint has only 4 days and we should do 3 backlog items (we decided that as a team, what I also dont understand - normally you have a business plan, which is the most important to keep to) - designing team communication strategy, architecture knowledge disctribution strategy and domain knowledge distribution strategy.
    I have the feeling, that we could work out at least one of the items instead of pinning paper notes "brainstorming", "discussion", "review" .... and so on to the big blackboard (why not to use much better tools that a blackboard??). Am I wrong? Are the 15 years of my it development exeperience instincts wrong?

    Thanx for any hint in advance
    ps Please dont use this post as a chance to say that it doesnt work in
    ms ...