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    As the guy who irritated his colleague Alvar I should answer to his post: First things first, was the “85%” made up? Yes, completely. Period. So why have I done this? It is a little trick to give critical people something questionable so they start to make some research by them self and start a discussion. Nothing better can happen! So I knew that some teams at MS use SCRUM (or a modified version) and it worked, the discussion has started. Maybe this trick is unprofessional, but it work sometimes.

    As for SCRUM: it is a ideal tool to draw the line between strategic and tactical planning which was non existing or changed on day to day basis in our company. Tactical decisions have stay with the team (they write the code and that is what matters), the decision on what target a product should aim is strategic and should stay with the customer or the product owner.

    Certainly SCRUM and Agile Development is hyped and give consultants sometimes a good reason to get your money, but the popularity helps to reimplement some values for development of good software such as regular deployments, team communication and tractability of the project. What matters is only to deliver your work in time and make sure everyone is satisfied by the result.

    I personally have used SCRUM since years and it worked also pretty well and yes, you have to shape it so it fits your team and your company (without leaving out the good parts …)

    Thanks for the response and once more I apologize for the made up statistics Wink