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What are your predictions for 2007?

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    It's a tradition in the press for writers to come up with their "top ten" (or whatever) lists of predictions for the coming year.

    The world is constantly changing - and the software industry is changing  even faster.

    What do you think is going to happen?

    Be sure to let us know - we have a little plan for your responses [6] (I used the "devil" smiley to indicate that we plan on having a bit of fun - just trust me here).

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    Expanding on the "little bit of fun", we'll roll up the top predictions into a video on Channel 9. Big Smile

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    1. It will be declared the Year of Linux on the Desktop.
    2. Vista will be released. Despite analyst's warnings, it will actually sell rather well.
    3. Apple will release another iPod, it will sell like hotcakes. Nobody will notice that its not actually that different from the last one.
    4. The blogosphere will collapse in on itself as the key figures realise that blogging is too mainstream and they have to invent something else to rave about.
    5. Richard Stallman will declare Linux the enemy of "really free" software. Nobody else will pay him any attention.
    6. PC magazines well publish various "Top 10 tips to speed up Vista" lists, at least half the tips will be placebos at best. At least one will actually degrade performance.
    7. 64 bit Windows will continue to feel unfinished.
    8. The first wave of WPF apps will appear on shareware sites. Almost all of them will feature ridiculous amounts of video and animation, because they can.
    9. A Zune owner will finally find someone to try and share music with, sadly that person will only have Celine Dion.
    10. Towards December, 2008 will be declared the Year of Linux on the Desktop.

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    1. Windows Longhorn Server 2007 will ship + Vista SP1.

    2. Visual Studio Orcas(2007) will ship.

    3. First year Windows Vista sales will stall.

    4. Microsoft will get tough on its blogging commnity.

    5. Microsoft will offer support for Oracle Services (with more integration with SQL)

    5. First vista problems begin to show up

    6. IE7 is married to FireFox, and you get their son Explorer Fox Wink

    7. Microsoft & Sun join up in a deal.

    8. China and Russia form a communist Federation (CRCF), while north America becomes The North American Democratic Federation (NADF).

    9. Octa-Cores will come to the market from both Amd and Intel.

    10. Every PC user will become a developer too.

    11. First Alien life form discovered in a distant planet, and they are our clones Tongue Out, but more of them use linux than Windows.

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    - Manufactures can’t produce Windows Vista PC’s fast enough to keep up with demand.

    - MSFT goes to 67.34

    - America declares victory and withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    - The Yankees win the World Series.

    - London is found to be totally radioactive and is abandoned.

    - Channel9 becomes profitable through ads by Microoooooooosoft.

    - wins a Vloggie.

    - The oil companies take responsibility for global warming

    - Charles leaves Channel9, becomes a PM on the Zoo Tycoon Team.

    - Rory is abducted by aliens and doesn’t return till the 23rd century.

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    My Wishful thinking.

    1. Microsoft buys/partners with Yahoo! and uses the contents to Flickr to create initial PhotoSynth environments of most major tourist attractions in the world.

    2. Microsoft allows .Net 3.5 features (ADO.Net entities, Linq etc) to run on Windows 2000 even though 3.5 > 3.0 and 3.0 is XP+. (3.0 depends on some features of XP such as http.sys, what does Linq depend on besides .Net 2.0?)

    3. Vista Ultimate Extras actually turn out to be rather cool and worth the price premium of Vista Ultimate.

    4. Microsoft releases a full SDK for the Virtual Earth 3D WinForms control (not based on hosting it in IE and using script) and allows it to be freely redistributed with applications and provides access to the Virtual Earth data sources for a nominal subscription fee.


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    1. Cubs win da World series
    2. Another major natural disaster somewhere
    3. Bill Gates scraps planned retirement, fires Ballmer, names himself CEO
    4. LaBomba marries Angelina Jolie
    5. Channel 9 and 10 merge, becoming channel 91
    6. Scoble quits Podtech and finds his own company
    7. Apple loses market share in PMP market
    8. Zune makes a comeback from a so-so launch
    9. Wii beats 360 and PS3 as top selling console

    and 10....

    Eagle is banned from C9, again.

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    1. Iran will see internal strife which is violently put down by their current government.
    2. Beijing will announce it is ready for the 2008 olympic events at least 6 months early, but accommodations for tourists will be sorely lacking (Hotels & port-o-potties).
    3. The U.N. actually does something about the genocide in Darfur; nearly the first act of the U.N.'s new leader.
    4. The USA housing market will continue to cool, and inflation will begin to raise its ugly head -- woe to the middle class.
    5. President Bush will reveal himself as uncompromising to the new Legislative Branch leadership, and will act very strangely as a result -- maybe even inappropriately, on a personal level.
    6. President Bush will be the target of independent investigations fostered by the new Legislative Branch, which will continue until he leaves office. This will precipitate #5.
    7. Russian citizenry will become vocal against Putin and his administration, and Putin will leave office.
    8. Productivity in the USA will increase, and wages will also begin to creep upwards. This will add to inflation of US currency.
    9. The Saudi government will first forgive debt of Iraq; followed by Syria, Jordan, and then all Sunni dominated Middle Eastern nations.
    10. The U.N. will inject itself between Israel and Gaza. Iran will be sanctioned for supplying arms and fomenting unrest in Gaza.
    11. N. Korea will fake another nuclear bomb.

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    Zoo Tycoon??? PM???!! Nah. Charles stays on Channel 9, goes on a C9 world tour.


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    My Top 5 Predictions for 2007:

    5.  Due to poor infrastructure, a mass employee exodus, and an inability to sell on the market, Tucows will file for bankruptcy and sell its assets on eBay.  
    4.   Microsoft will begin an ad campaign to counter Apple's Mac vs. PC ads.

    3.  Tucows shares plummet as news of doom and gloom circulate on developer forums.

    2.  Zune kills Dell's DJ Ditty and nips at iPod's heels.

    1.   RedHat will acquire the rights to Java.   It already owns JBoss and will leverage the JBoss platform to create J3EE.   J3EE will be created with lofty goals.   RH will even come up with a replacement for JMX.   Falling short of expectations, J3EE will ultimately be the nail in Java's coffin. 

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    • Orcas will be released.. People will complain of it being slow and needing too much RAM, but it will still be loads better than its predecessor
    • A bunch of applications will start using WPF and WPF/E, none of them actually essential.
    • Vista and Office 2007 will sell faster than the analysts' wildest nightmares
    • A bunch of tech-support calls will say "What the hell is a docx file?".
    • More than 40 billion man-hours of solitaire will be played, thanks to the new UI.
    • OpenGl will slowly decay and get ignored.
    • No desktop computer will be sold that does not have a discrete graphics card.

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    1. (Forrest Gump: That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run.) Charles will take a camera and the Channel9 map of the world and will pay a visit to niners around the globe, to seek wisdom for Microsoft in the quest of beating MacOS with Vista, iPod with Zune, etc. He will bring Channel9 guys and free software (as in free beer) as gifts.
    When he will return he will look like Richard Stallman but after a haircut and a shave he will take the knowledge he earned and become a program manager  for Windows Vienna (or captain of a shrimp boat).
    2. An austrian reporter named Bruno will take a tour of Redmond and he will meet a hansom, big nosed man of somewhat French descent. Shortly after that, Bruno will be arrested for harassment.
    3. Google will announce 10 more betas.
    4. Microsoft will ship .net framework for Linux followed by Visual Studio 2005 for Linux
    5. Over 300 students from all over the world will visit Microsoft. Rory will be appointed in the welcoming  committee and will have to shake hands with every one of them.
    6. A new ad for Mac will be inspired from the movie American Pie. The Mac will play the pie.
    7. Eagle will win a free trip to England and will selflessly give it to Webbo.
    8. Heroes TV series will win an Emmy and will have Rory as special guest for advertising the show in his blog. Rory's special power ? Always smelling good.
    9. Niners will play XAML tennis. The result will be a 3D version of jsampson's favorite cat.
    10.Stargate SG1 will end after 10 seasons. The new show will be a story about World of Warcraft. Adam will play the Human Palladin.

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    Kevin Daly

    At some point I will consume an excess of alcohol and behave in an inappropriate manner.

    The incipient talk of "Web 3.0" will be curtailed when someone notices that "Hey, last time we were on a 'version' of the web with an odd number, things went seriously pear-shaped".

    Then someone will remember that parts of in Asia the number 4 is associated with "death".

    The upshot is that the year will end with Tim O'Reilly calling a Web 6.0 conference, and nobody having the faintest idea what it's about.

    So no big change really.

    Oh, one last thing: As the release of Longhorn Server approaches, pundits will confidently announce that Microsoft have totally lost the plot on this one because it doesn't run on an iPod.

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    • Rory will spend the GNP of a small country on clothing
    • The GNP of small countries that produce boutique clothing will skyrocket
    • Someone will blog about people who blog about blogs
    • Scoble's rss aggregation will surpass SPAM as the largest source of internet traffic.
    • Balmer will be so excited onstage at the Vista launch that his cells will tear themselves apart.
    • The Wiimote will be recalled after one is embedded in the skull of a child
    • Vague whisperings of Vienna will start to surface
    • Apple will announce Vienna 2.0 with OSX 10.6 (now with different colored buttons, and a new Time Machine interface option that looks like flying through a colon)
    • Google bubble will burst
    • Google bubble will continue to grow (see how I did that?)
    • In Q1 caffeine will be announced as carcinogenic
    • In Q2 caffeine will be announced as reducing the risk of cancer
    • Music CDs produced under the Sony label will begin to catch fire

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    kettch wrote:
    • Music CDs produced under the Sony label will begin to catch fire

    But only if inserted into a Windows PC with Autorun turned on Wink

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    kettch wrote:
    The Wiimote will be recalled after one is embedded in the skull of a child

    That is seeming pretty likely after the recent one embedded in a TV, and ones that have smashed windows, etc. Tongue Out

    Angus Higgins

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    Angus wrote:
    kettch wrote: The Wiimote will be recalled after one is embedded in the skull of a child

    That is seeming pretty likely after the recent one embedded in a TV, and ones that have smashed windows, etc.

    Angus Higgins

    Yeah, although some of the pictures that I have seen look staged. Although, I do have the feeling that there will be some Rev 2 Wiimotes coming out soon that have a small titanium cable clad in a kevlar sheath. Does anybody have a Wii who wouldn't mind setting up an experiment to measure the breaking point of the strap?

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    Google will release so many new beta projects in to the wild that it will become impossible to keep track of what they all are or what they do.

    As a result, Google releases Google beta Google (beta), which allows you to google Google services.


    Apple produces the iCar. It is white, seems impossibly small and yet fits all your stuff in. For controls it has a stearing wheel and thats it.

    It is so cool that everyone buys one. For some reason no-one seems to care that the fuel tank wears out after 5,000 miles, and that it will only go to three of the places you'd like to go to.


    With his increasingly large amount of spare time, Bill Gates single handedly cures cancer, brings peace to the middle east, alleviates world poverty, and creates a stable fusion reaction that can be made with a glass of water, two pieces of wire, a length of rubber hose and an Alka-Seltzer.

    Despite this, on Slashdot his icon remains that of Bill the Borg.


    The Nintendo Wii wins the console wars. Lots of news outlets use "Nintendo Wiins" headline. Realizing too late that great games are more important than cramming in hi tech,  Microsoft release the XBox Woo and Sony release the PS Waa.


    Vista Ships. VistaWillShip reappears on C9 for one post; "I told you so".

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