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View Thread: What are your predictions for 2007?
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    • IE8 will be extensible with .NET
    • I'll make my first serious post in Channel9!
    • Channel9 will ship it's new release, but it won't work on Netscape 3
    • Nobody will use Vista Home Basic.
    • A lot of WPF apps will ship with buttons and textboxes in the menus
    • I'll turn 16! Yikes!
    • I will get linked to from TechCrunch, Life Hacker, Coding Horror and Engadget.
    • I'll try Ubuntu 6, and it'll crash my system as did Ubuntu 5
    • IE7 will outnumber Firefox in Vista systems
    • Microsoft will launch a Flickr clone.
    • At the end of 2007, somebody will make a prediction that somebody will make a prediction that somebody will be asked to make a prediction at the end of 2008 for 2009.
    • Rory introduces real life sized Channel9 Girl.
    • Linux will still be *fresh and young* and will *eat away M$'$ Market$hare!", just as it does every year
    • will turn out to be a joke. But, before it is revealed to be a joke, somebody will make a