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View Thread: Tips for building online communities?
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    Eric Falsken

    I would recommend against the forum, actually. Put your videos into a video blog ala Blogger or YouTube or any of the other blogging services. If people want to comment on videos, let them comment. Comments take a lot less effort for the occational visitor. Forums require more committment to register and check periodically, and are more appropriate for a community of people who are actively discussing a range of topics.

    There are hundreds of forums out there, and I hate registering for yet another site just to leave a comment. I typically leave without commenting. Especially if I'm not likely to come back.

    Blogs on the other hand allow me to subscribe in my RSS reader, and do not require registration before allowing me to comment.

    I've been running the db4o developer community: for almost a year now. Active users love posting. But the blogs almost never get comments because they're registration-only. (working on loosening that up a bit) But the only reason people come to post in the forums is if they want help on an issue they are having.

    If you're expecting a lot more "Help, X dosn't work" posts, leave it on comments until you start getting enough repeat traffic to make real "discussions" possible.

    As for driving traffic, put your feed/blog url into your sig everywhere you post (for starters), and get your feed listed anywhere possible. Keep the content coming. Even shows like ARCast and Hanselminutes took 20 episodes before they caught on.