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View Thread: US Dolar sinks, what do you think?
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    Tensor wrote:
    That it is a deliberate plan by the US to get rid of the current massive deficit.

    Also has nice spin-offs for US industry as all those cheap imports cease being cheap.

    The biggest loser is like to be China, I would think.

    G.W. Bush Administration's plan: offload all responsibility for everything to anyone else.
    I am officially embarrassed and I apologize.

    China's (and Saudi's) massive trade imbalance with the USA is all offset with Treasury Bonds -- which means the USA has the ability to cheat them with currency games.

    It is a shameful strategy that the Republicans will not apologize for.

    I miss Bill.

    FWIW, the US middle class will be greatly affected with inflation, which is the inevitable result of the weaker dollar, as you pointed out, Ping.

    At least Wal-Mart is the biggest loser on the corporate side... yeah, they deserve it.