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View Thread: US Dolar sinks, what do you think?
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    phreaks wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote:
    phreaks wrote:

    It's sinking for a number of reasons.

    Federal defecit, low interest rates, credit crisis,  CDO/CDS debt backed securities trend, real-estate bubble, oil prices.

    Combine all of those issues which each in itself can become a problem if not managed properly and you have a really big problem.

    Current Outlook:  Stormy.

    NO. Its sinking because the Military, namely the Pentagon, spend all of that money on "Star wars" like equipment, that costs trillions of dollars.

    The stuff you sight would not have lead to the collapse of the dollar, rather it is the massive military spending, that  Rumsfield did to transformed the Armed forces of the USA to the 21 century challenges.

    This massive spending, is equal to all the world's military spending 400 times.

    They tell you that the credit crisis is to blame but its not. its the military spending that broke the back of the economy.

    Interestingly enough, that is how the Roman Empire collapsed, if you read history.

    My $0.02

    Ok, whatever you say. You obviously have a Harvard MBA in economics and are savvy enough to make the call that the others simply aren't seeing.

    You must be a financial genius.

    If I were allowed to hold stocks, I would certainly want you managing my money!

    I am just giving people what I see and what I hear. I don't want anyone to loose their financial assets because of the lunacy and bad choices that Bush Admin Made.

    Be safe, Be smart, Be adaptable to market changes.

    Interestingly , please see  this YT video. It talks about PUT options.

    Invest your money in Chinese and Asian Markets, or Europe. Because China will be the financial center of the world, for the years to come.