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View Thread: US Dolar sinks, what do you think?
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    Having a weak dollar could cause some pretty large world economy issues. Comparing the dollar to the Pound Sterling shows that Britain will not be a good place to export from as the US will not want to buy so expensively, this could have a bad effect on some industries; but cheaper imports are nice. Tongue Out

    Gold tends to move in cycles, I know a few people who have invested in gold, it can be fairly good for a steady earner if you know the market well enough.

    Lots of people in the UK are now investing in wines, etc. as this can be a good store of money, and even bring quite a large turnover when sold. The problem is that for one to be able to invest properly in wine, one needs a proper wine cellar as the real wine investments come in barrels, not bottles. (This is as/more true for whisky.)

    It is a very interesting issue though.

    Angus Higgins