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View Thread: Microsoft answers Linux IP infringement questions....Sort Of
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    wkempf wrote:

    I can certainly understand the reluctance to impliment the beast in Mono, especially if MS fails to submit it for standardization (which is likely).  I was just wondering, after your comments about the Times reader, if you'd changed your opinion about the complexity at the user's level.

    My comment at the time actually said:

    miguel blog wrote:

    This is one nice Avalon application, it distinguishes itself from all the samples that I have seen because it lacks a video playing in the background, and the buttons have not been rotated 30 degrees. It is one cute application, and I might have to eat my own words if someone from the New York Times developer team starts raving about their experience.

    As it turns out, no NY Times developer started raving about their experience with Avalon, and that was because the application was not developed by the NY Times as a technology showcase, but it was instead built by Microsoft.