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    Dear Office 2007,

    Today is my last day with you.  I believe it is now time for us to part ways.

    I know our time together was short, but I must tell you that our time together did not meet the expectations set by our first few hours of bliss. 

    We moved fast at first, and then oh did we ever move so slow. You slowed down my machine... To the point where I could type faster than the screen could respond.  You made it impossible for me to do work.

    And then the arguing and frustration began.  I would curse thee every few minutes.  My mouse would stop responding as I yelled at you more and more.  I only hope that our friendship is not beyond repair.

    Windows Desktop Search 3.0... Oh how slow and bloated are thee!  Oh how you are missing much oft used functionality from your younger (2.0) days.  Oh how it saddens me to see you go but i feel that it is best for both of us.

    Perhaps we shall meet again someday under better circumstances.

    Yours, daytrip00