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View Thread: Goodbye Office 2007
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    I was pretty excited to install Office 2007 myself.
    But the first time I created a document with it, it crashed.

    Now I know there is crash recovery stuff built in, but guess what each time i recovered and tried to save my document, it would crash again.

    So i tried to create a new document and paste all the text from the previous document into it to save it, but guess what that would crash it too. It seemed to have a certain disliking maybe for what was written in the document Wink

    Eventually I had to retype the whole thing again just so that i could save it Sad

    I even tried using the new blog posting feature in word, and somehowit doesnt seem to work with the latest blogger beta.

    And the speed, dont ask me about it....

    If this continues i will have to switch back to office 2003 Sad